The new way of co-living

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Rising house prices, strict regulations and a shrinking market make it almost impossible for Young Professionals to find a place for themselves. Cotel has been designed for today's young professionals, aged 18 to 35 seeking to share a home for a specific period of time.

Cotel is an innovative living solution for Young Professionals who are looking for suitable co-living accommodation in a high-quality complex with like-minded housemates in a convenient living environment.

Already an existing client of ours from a previous project, our friends behind Cotel came to us with their new idea. They needed a website to showcase the concept to attract investors. They wanted a focus on the visual aesthetic with minimal text.

The most challenging part of this project was creating a product that doesn’t exist yet, whilst delivering animations that clearly showcased the vision behind Cotel. As the brand identity wasn’t yet decided, we chose to use a black and white colour palette.

We visualised the flow from the first touch point of creating a profile, finding the new flatmates and then bringing the apartment to life. In bringing the apartment to life we could show how versatile the living space will be. We put a focus on highlighting that the co-living space promotes socialising and helps prevent isolation for students moving alone.