Crafting a personalised experience

DDNA | Visit Site

Being the fifth generation to continue the family-line within the jewellery business, DDNA was founded to shift focus and contribute to the innovation of the industry.

We were tasked with evolving their existing brand and building a unique e-commerce experience. Collaborating with Giulia and Laurens, the creative duo behind 'to the power of studios' to create something refreshing and contemporary. Matching their new line of bespoke products and modernised business. We developed a visual language built around timeless forms, constantly shifting and changing.

Each piece of jewellery has a personalised element based on your DNA makeup and therefore unique to each customer.

We wanted to reflect this level of personalisation within the site, creating randomised soft flowing patterns. Bubbling with energy and never repeated, these were created in a Threejs scene with a custom shader to create the fresnel effect. Matching the infinite possibilities for the jewellery themselves. Combining these new digital elements with soft intimate photography, to create a premium feel.

The site has a gentle flow throughout, offsetting the horizontal scroll through the catalog with subtle parallax and seamless transitions right through to purchase. Communicating the luxury feel we wanted to achieve.