Cutting-edge, big-screen presentation goes interactive.

DXC Technology | Coming Soon

DXC Technology is the world’s leading independent, comprehensive IT services company, helping clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. We were asked to create a big-screen interactive presentation for the opening of a new DXC business centre in Germany. So we decided to break the mould by stepping outside of what was considered standard for the web.

For this high profile technology client we syncronised a complex series of models and animations using code, and finessed the experience with generative animations on top of that.

We used WebGL with three.js to build 3D scenes, to convey the message and spirit of DXC. A mixture of predefined models made in Cinema4D and generative geometry and animation were used for each scene. In order to optimise and run WebGL on the big screen in butter smooth 60FPS, we were very careful about constructing our code, how we executed drawing commands on the GPU and following best practices. We also allocated new slides when progressing through the presentation, loading their models, if any, and transitioning them in as the camera moved through the 3D world, instead of constructing everything at once.

The finished presentation took DXC’s audience on a hypnotic journey to another world.