Our innovative website for Fournier Père et Fils.

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We were approached because Fournier realised their website no longer reflected who they truly were and the values that they’d worked so hard to grow into every grape. They wanted a website that was clear, easy-to-use and inspiring, and preserved the legend of the regions terroir (or earth), for which it is famous.

Fournier Père et Fils is a winery with a legacy. Located in the fragrant, rolling hills of Sancerre, it has passed through the careful hands of generations of expert winemakers. It is an award winning wine that deserves its “Concours Mondial du Sauvignon Blanc” medals and status as one of the Top-100 best wines around the world.

Whatever solution we proposed, we needed to bear in mind that Sancerre is a region steeped in tradition, where technology comes second. Most people are still working on outdated computers, via redundant browsers, so heavy animation and 3D models were out of the question.

The site came from careful collaboration with the client and a clear strategy. We identified that content would be key and sent a photographer to Sancerre to take high-quality shots of the winery, its people and the surroundings.

We designed the site with the user in mind, and because we were short on production time we developed a light digital animation for the homepage, in place of a video, which ended up having more impact. The animations we created here, which add charm and whimsy, were carried into the rest of the website and inspired the visual design of each page that carries subtle details of the terroir, together with a sense of luxury and heritage.