A Brazilian swimwear brand aspiring to pave a new path in swimwear

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Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Haight is a swimwear brand, conforming to non-traditional pieces. Minimalist yet sophisticated styles for wearing on and off the beach, designed to suit different situations, climates and occasions. Already a well respected beachwear brand in Brazil and with growing international recognition, Haight is gearing up for the next phase of their business.

As Haight prepares for their international expansion, they came to us for a complete revamp of their website to set them apart from their competitors. With an already established brand identity and beautiful editorial images, we had a wealth of assets to work with.

To kick off the discovery phase we analysed already existing data of the old website and conducted customer interviews. From this data we came up with personas that we could keep at the forefront of our strategy in putting together the site wireframes.

During the ideation phase we came up with 3 different concepts into how the site could evolve around the editorial images, all using creative animations. We reviewed these with the client and together came up with a look and feel that envisioned Haight, clean grid layouts that kept the user focus on the imperfections of the natural backdrops within their images. Animations remain subtle to not take the users focus away from the images.

We designed the new website to compete with luxury e-commerce stores, an editorial look and feel with an interactive user experience to increase conversions. Upon interaction of the product listing pages the user can select through the images and different colour options of each product/style. We identified the main filters for the customer, enabling them to filter products on colour, style, fabric and size.

A main requirement and the main challenge with this project was to be able to sell their items as ‘mix & match’ – a different top or bottom style in a different size, of the same colour and fabric. After marketplace research we couldn’t find a swimwear brand that did this well or any existing applications that could be used in this case. Therefore we custom made a mix & match configurator that sets Haight ahead of the game. The user can configure their own bikini using the interactive sliders, at the end of this user flow the user can easily add the products to their bag.

During this project we continuously worked with the client to receive their feedback and ultimately create a product that clearly envisioned their brand and prepared them for the next stage. In the summer we put live the Brazilian version of the site, ready for international go live in Q4. We have set measures in place to analyze and continually iterate the website, in regular reviews with the client.