New HeadFWD site is streets ahead.

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HeadFWD came to us because they wanted to capture the attention of the best developers in the business.

HeadFWD are an innovative tech company that places talented developers at big name companies, to work on awesome projects. They needed a site to use as a powerful recruitment tool that really showcased their cool culture and the opportunities they offer.

We learnt from HeadFWD that their case studies were key to inspiring their community, so we created a concept based on a thriving city full of HeadFWD clients, clever details and amazing stories. Users can explore case studies by exploring the city and clicking on the client buildings.

Our main challenge on this project was to develop a design that made interaction between the site and the city seamless. We went through several design iterations, working closely with the client, to discover a solution that was simple, scalable, didn’t steal attention from the animated city and let their content speak.

The interaction between the cityscape and the buildings was made to be fluid for fast discoverability and fun.

To bring the site and city to life, we used our own framework which we extended especially for this project, to bring finesse to the animations. By implementing a real traffic system, the city appears to be alive and moving. Using pre-rendered assets, we could achieve very high quality visuals and smooth performance adding to this virtual worlds sense of reality.

Finally, we developed a tone of voice and created content that fit the brand for a completely connected user experience.

The result was a stunning site with high impact, engagement and wow.