Music video is taken online, with heart-felt animation and design.

Miranda Joan | Visit Site

Miranda and her team didn’t want a standard music video. They were searching for an artistic, aspirational alternative that fit her story, her music and her personality, online. They wanted a website that would embody her and her songs.

Miranda Joan is one of the most talented musicians we’ve ever met. She travelled to Amsterdam to meet us in person and talk about doing a project together. We even got a live, private performance. She blew us away with her energy, creativity and charisma.

Her 5-song EP tells a love story which begins during the aftermath of a break-up and everything that comes in its wake. She takes us on a journey through the confusion and flood of emotions that follow (Slow Burn), from the gut-wrenching feeling of loss in Grind, Still and Argentina, before arriving at unsettled acceptance with Fallen. It is a tale of transition and the unseen forces that cyclically bring us together and pull us apart.

We decided to Wonderlandise her website, by producing an interactive music video that visualised her artistic presence and process via a single song, Still. We worked closely with Miranda, exploring her lyrics through a series of sketches and flat illustrations that eventually became an engaging, emotive, organic-looking animation that captured the essence of heart-break and healing.

To deliver this project we followed a clear process that took us from start to finish efficiently, with a clear path to each new task. We took the initial sketches we made, and together with our designers and developers, began to give them clear art direction.

Scene by scene our first live prototype was produced, with the client integrated into our team, which enabled us to progress quickly.

The rest of the websites styling flowed from the animation, adopting little bits of detailing to create consistency and character.

The result was a seamless digital experience, with a handmade feel, that speaks from the heart of Miranda Joan.