Take a virtual stroll down Monks Road.

Monks Road | Coming Soon

We made Monks Road for Monks Road Records, a collective of Britain’s finest music folk and associated artisans, to showcase their talents and celebrate the real craft of the music industry.

It is a place where the creative people of this world roam. Artisans, poets, musicians, craft-mans are all welcome.

Monks Road strives to be a collaborative space where these people can expand their network, share their knowledge and show their work, giving them a voice in a competitive industry and a launchpad to propel their career forward.

We designed a fully immersive, interactive experience where users can become part of a virtual Monks Road and explore the homes and hangouts of Britain’s greatest creatively innovative characters.

We worked with Tinsel Edwards, an artist connected to Monks Road Records, who painted multiple impressions of what the road could look like, which we took and translated into animated designs. Adding remarkable and realistic detail, as well as refined animation and hover-over user interaction to the original artworks, we built a lively street with artistic ambience.

The real Monks Road is in Lincoln by the way, but the virtual one is almost more fun.