Hand-drawn details define new site.

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Nomadic Minds is a passion project created in 2015 by world renowned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, Tyler Willis, Selcuk Atli and John Ramey.

As an organisation it connects seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, with ambitious and emerging startups looking for insight, guidance and inspiration. When it was acquired by infamous ‘The Family’ from Paris, in 2017, it was decided that the Nomadic Minds website needed an upgrade in order to truly reflect the exciting proposition they have to offer.

It was important to The Family that Nomadic Minds should retain part of its original identity and remain independent. What was missing was a compelling story to really active hosts to book mentors and to inspire new mentors to get involved.

With this as our mission, we began considering the insights that would inevitably drive our creative concept.

From the outset, we understood the site was more of a booking platform than a show-piece. It needed to be visually engaging for a predominantly corporate audience with just the right amount of cool, and include easy to filter, search and book a mentor functionality.

The filtering system was our starting point and we took pointers from successful booking platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.com, while developing the UX and UI. The client gave excellent direction about what they envisioned for the design and asked for something clean, professional and modern with a little art deco twist.

We also knew that the mentors themselves, who are BIG names in business, had huge traction and wanted to ensure they had a place front and centre. That’s why we decided to hand draw each mentor and apply a depth map to each face to bring them to life. The result was phenomenal. It was a technically elegant, highly creative solution with tremendous impact.