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Royal Asscher, founded in 1854 is a passionate, family run jewellers business of six generations. The business is all about sharing and creating their timeless love of diamonds and the stories that come with them. The Asscher's strive to make the most beautiful jewellery in the world.

They came to us for help in revitalising the brand with a new operating system, new strategy and visual language in celebration of their 165th Anniversary. For the new website and assets we needed to reinvigorate the magic that made them so iconic in the first place.

After marketplace research, including developing in-home ethnographies, we identified customer profiles and built a new brand strategy to drive the company’s growth. We explored various different concepts, working intensively alongside the client and their customers.

For the design we focused on uniting and harmonising their brand to represent a clear spirit of heritage in motion. When developing our concepts we didn’t look at the present, but rather at the future. We anticipated what products or experiences their customers would want next, creating brand new assets with a futuristic wow. Being a studio all about human design experiences, this was a perfect brief for us to create an online universe that immersed the customer in the Royal Asscher world. The new website showcases them as a 360 brand at every touch point from digital to shop floor.

The result is an online world that gives the Royal Asscher brand a whole new life, layering in the passion of the Asscher family for the work they do. The design is representative of the brands value; intimate and familial, luxurious, human, creative, experimental and very storied. It’s a space where visitors can interact, read, watch, play and smile.