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Techleap.nl is a non-profit publicly funded organisation helping to quantify and accelerate the technology ecosystem of the Netherlands. An initiative from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with Prince Constantijn as special envoy, Start-Up Delta was established in 2014 to develop the technology sector of the Netherlands and in 2019 it was renamed Techleap.nl to coincide with the launch of an ambitious program of initiatives designed to nurture business and innovation in the Dutch technology sector.

Our first task was to define the brand positioning, and through a process of immersion and qualitative research with its community of founders, policy advisors and investors, we worked collaboratively with their team to distill the spirit of the organisation.

brand strategy workshop for techleap

With this in mind, we sought to create a brand language that invigorates and elevates Techleap.nl’s history with the Dutch technology sector with a progressive, bold and insightful spirit.

The logo employs an augmented geometric binary typeface to express the connection points of the thriving Dutch tech ecosystem and the adventurous spirit for technological innovation of the Netherlands.

We developed a new brand system, that in each element – from the logotype, to the colour palette, typographic system and graphic illustrations – works to maintain a balance of the technical and the slightly playful. The graphic design system brings to life concepts of acceleration, transformation, networks and growth and seeks to amplify Techleap.nl as a beacon for its community, to think big, be bold and take risks.


With the brand language created, we then set out to bring the new spirit of Techleap.nl to life with the new website.

We conducted qualitative research to understand the experiences and requirements of the target audience. From these insights, we worked collaboratively with the Techleap.nl communications team to create a content strategy that would articulate the organisation’s purpose and deliver information that would be meaningful to their target audience.

Text content strategy for Techleap
Content Plans Techleap Website

Through this approach we were able to devise a content and messaging strategy for Techleap.nl which articulates the organisation’s ambitious program of initiatives, while also being a meaningful source of insights about the technology ecosystem of the Netherlands.

We designed a flexible design system of configurable content modules which can be built in the CMS to build engaging pages.