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It all started as a fun side-project; a company within a company at Wonderland. The Cool Club began as a design collection of the most famous, visionary men and women from around the world, embodied in a card game, and evolved into collective of creative minds, making cool things, inspired by some of the most influential people, places and products of our time.

Finding a market for our signature series of Animals, Cars and Star Wars illustrations and products turned out to be a no-brainer, but an online presence was needed to boost sales and secure this iconic brands playful identity. This was a cool company for creative people.

Any constraints on this project were largely self-imposed, so when we began scoping and planning The Cool Club site we wanted to explore fresh frontiers in UX. Our biggest challenge was time, as we had a four-week window to pursue innovation and deliver a new experience in eCommence UX design.

Our first step was to iterate and validate possible solutions based on our goals. We sketched the ideas, unveiled the patterns, and developed our first prototype. After observing user data, we identified pain points and refined the shopping experience further with an improved prototype.

The result was a site full of micro-interactions balanced in visual harmony with fluid motion and animations that smoothly transport users between navigational contexts, bringing the brand concept come to life. Not only does each micro-animation serve as a facilitator for interaction, but it provides the user with feedback and instruction on where to go next. It attracts the users’ attention and makes sure they don’t overlook anything important, for a really engaging experience.